An integrated platform for your operations

Simplify your taxi operations with cutting-edge technology that seamlessly connects you and your riders on an integrated platform.
By combining the functionality of a rider app with a full-stack software solution, Mobile22 makes it easy for transportation providers and their riders to book, manage, and fulfill rides. Put convenience in your riders’ hands with digital booking options while maintaining oversight, increasing revenue, and ensuring the ability to provide service that exceeds expectations.

Web Portal

No iPhone? No problem! Our user-friendly web portal offers the same features of the mobile app, so those who prefer booking on an Android, desktop, or tablet can also book and manage their rides online whenever, wherever. Mobile22 offers accounts for businesses, too.

Companies that use your services can access the web portal to book deliveries and request rides for their employees, clients, or guests, and riders can use the Mobile22 app or web portal to track their scheduled rides.

Call Center

Our mobile app and web portal are the ideal option for the tech-minded rider, but we understand that some of your riders would rather call you to request a ride. Our intuitive call center feature allows your call takers to quickly input the rider’s information, add payment methods, and duplicate past rides.


Once your rider has booked on the app, web portal, or by phone, the automated dispatch feature simplifies the ride distribution process. You can also use the manual dispatch option, which allows your dispatchers to view your drivers on a live map and assign a ride to a specific driver. View, fulfill, and track rides without the hassle of switching between programs or screens.

Driver App

The Mobile22 driver app communicates with both the rider app and your dispatch center to help eliminate the need for additional labor. When a rider books a trip on the app or web portal, automated dispatch assigns the ride to a driver, who can accept or reject it within seconds.

Drivers start and finish the ride directly on the app, trip information is recorded for graphical reports, which can be accessed in our driver management feature. They can also use the app to easily manage multi-leg trips and confirm payments from riders.

Driver Management

Overcome the challenges associated with traditional scheduling with the Mobile22 driver management feature. Our system allows you to view and manage driver schedules in a graphical format, so it’s easy to see who’s available to provide rides and plan your driver coverage based on demand.

Robust dashboards and downloadable reports allow you to access your data quickly to get the information you need to manage and grow your business.

Vehicle Management

Our vehicle management feature allows you to keep track of your fleet and the status of your vehicles in real-time. It works seamlessly with the driver management system, and drivers can use it to see which vehicles are available for use during their shift. Vehicle management also allows drivers to check-in and checkout before and after shifts so you can view the vehicles that are currently in use.

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Rider iOS App

Today’s riders want digital solutions, and Mobile22 has the customer-facing technology to satisfy their demands. With Mobile22, there’s no need to worry about developing your own app or hiring a team to create one for you.

We can configure our iOS rider app to fit your offerings, and your riders can customize their ride to fit their needs. They can book a ride right away or schedule one for later, select accommodations for their trip, and make quick, secure in-app payments.

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