October 14, 2020

Mobile22 Founder Shree Kalluri featured on WisBusiness: The Show

Nikhil Venkatesa

We're thrilled to share a recent conversation that our founder, Shree Kalluri, had with Tom Still, President of Wisconsin Technology Council, on "WisBusiness: The Show".

"WisBusiness: The Show" has been a mainstay of the Wisconsin business and entrepreneurship community, with over 200 episodes in the series. We're delighted to have been featured so early in our journey.

Shree and Tom covered a wide range of topics in their conversation. Here are a couple of highlights —

How taxicab providers are recovering during COVID-19

Although rides for both ride-hail and taxicab providers in the US screeched to a halt at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, Shree discussed the uptick that taxi providers, including Green Cab, have been seeing over the last couple of months.

This information is consistent with data that has been analyzed from major metros like New York and Chicago, where coronavirus stay-at-home restrictions have been lifted and residents have been able to move around, albeit under critical safety precautions.

Shree discussed the control that taxicab providers have over cleanliness and sanitation of their fleets as compared to ride-hail companies like Uber and Lyft, which don't maintain and manage vehicles on their platform. He also discussed the advantages that riders see with taxis over other, riskier modes of transport like mass public transit.

How Shree donated 16,000 masks to Wisconsin law enforcement

Shree and Tom also discussed Shree's philanthropic effort during the pandemic, when he donated 16,000 KN95 masks to police officers across Wisconsin.

Shree was able to get in touch with two mask manufacturers through Zerology's President, Ram Venkatesh, who formerly managed global procurement for Walmart in China.

"We were wondering how we would take care of our riders and drivers in Green Cab because we were concerned about COVID," said Shree. "He [Ram] reached out to his network...it took us two weeks to kind of ship everything."

Shree heard about the shortage of masks for Wisconsin law enforcement after he had arranged for these masks to be shipped and arranged for an additional order of masks to close the shortfall.

"This was a great opportunity for me to step up and be a good citizen of the community," said Shree. "And so that's what I've done."

Other topics that Tom and Shree discussed include:

Thanks again to Tom Still and the rest of the Wisconsin Technology Council for having Shree on the show. We'd love to hear what you think about their conversation — let us know on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin!

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