March 29, 2021

Mobile22 Releases Update to Ride Hailing Software Featuring Multiple Taxicab Providers on One App

Katie DuBois

MADISON, Wis., March 29, 2021 — Transportation-as-a-service technology company Mobile22 has released the latest version of their mobile ride hailing and taxicab operations software. This update enables multiple taxicab providers to offer their services on a single app.  Riders can now schedule rides from taxicab providers in multiple cities on either the Mobile22 iOS app or the user-friendly web portal.

The previous version of Mobile22’s software gave the company’s first partner, Green Cab of Madison, the tools to manage both customer-facing and back-end operations. The new release includes a variety of updates such as an enhanced reporting dashboard as well the opportunity to accommodate multiple taxi providers on a single app. This allows Mobile22 to onboard new partners nationwide quickly onto their platform. By the end of April, Mobile22 expects to have five taxicab providers on its platform throughout the Midwest.

Businesses can take advantage of the web account portal to manage their transportation needs such as scheduling rides for employees, clients, or deliveries. This feature is especially useful for schools as it allows school staff to schedule rides for students on the web portal. Meanwhile, parents can download the iOS app for real time updates on student’s location or make changes to scheduled rides.

Shree Kalluri, Founder and CEO of Mobile22, looks forward to the positive impact this version and future software updates will have on both taxi providers and riders. “As we continue to expand, we’re able to build on our technology to better meet the needs of our partners and their customers,” said Kalluri. “This update is an exciting step toward the shared mobility ecosystem we envision.”

About Mobile22
Mobile22 connects riders and taxi providers together in an integrated platform that unlocks mobility for communities everywhere. For riders, Mobile22 offers mobile and web apps to book their rides. For providers,Mobile22 offers a full-stack solution to accept, process and fulfill rides, allowing them to focus on what they do best – giving safe and comfortable rides to people.

For more information on Mobile22 and the services they offer, visit their website at

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