March 22, 2021

3 Common Taxi Provider Challenges Mobile22 Can Help You Overcome

Katie DuBois

Whether your company has served your community for decades or you’re new to the industry, taxi providers face a distinct set of challenges in today’s increasingly digitized world. In the age of social media and social distancing, “coming together” means something entirely different, and taxicab companies must continue to navigate a quickly evolving world in which the needs and desires of consumers change rapidly.

However, although fewer riders are satisfied with traditional methods of using transportation services, taxi providers have not reached the end of the line. With advanced technology solutions that make it easier to do more, you can defeat common obstacles with methods that help increase your productivity and customer satisfaction.

My current operations management system is clunky and outdated.

Taxi operations expand in complexity as business grows. For providers who are still stuck with outdated systems, it isn’t as easy as taking a call and giving a ride; many providers must have multiple employees that handle a specific aspect of their operations on their own, such as:

  • Call takers
  • Dispatchers
  • Fleet managers
  • Drivers

While maintaining a large staff with independent roles may have been your only option in the recent past, our technology now allows you to combine operations into a single platform to save you time and money. When you partner with Mobile22, we help you minimize your staffing needs, improve communication, and enable your team to work seamlessly together to support each other and the needs of your customers.  

Take the hassle out of siloed systems with Mobile22.

I’m struggling with low ridership because of rideshare services.  

One of the most pressing concerns for many cab companies is the impact of ridesharing on the taxi industry. Since emerging in the United States about a decade ago, some of the most popular ridesharing platforms have become leaders in transportation, edging the longstanding taxi out of the highest rank. According to an article in SF Weekly, cabs went from being the undisputed top transportation provider in 2010 to losing most of their customers to rideshare services in 2019.

Why the shift? In a word, technology.  

Younger people are looking for the easiest way to catch a ride, and most rideshare companies are rooted in app-based systems that simplify the booking and payment processes. Mobile22’s software offers your riders the convenience of a taxi booking app, in-app payments, and the ability to customize their ride based on accommodations you offer.  

On your end, we make it easier to offer new services, such as food and product deliveries, which have helped many taxicab companies combat low ridership associated with the COVID-19 pandemic. Mobile22 also offers B2B accounts that can help you make the most of mutually beneficial business relationships.  

I’m having a hard time retaining customers.

You’ve likely already realized that technology plays a significant role in your decreased ridership, but that doesn’t make it any easier to know where to start. As a business owner, you may not have the time or experience to be your own marketing professional, software developer, and graphic designer, and hiring each of those roles and then some would bring you back to square one in terms of efficiency.  

Mobile22 provides a comprehensive solution, including the customer-facing app and web portal through which your customers can quickly book a ride for now or schedule one for later. Meanwhile, the integrated call center and taxi dispatch system can manage ride requests on your behalf, and our scalable pricing model makes it much more affordable than onboarding a new operations team.

Bring your riders and your team together on our intuitive platform.

At Mobile22, we believe that shared growth leads to shared success. That’s why we provide each of our partners with the tools they need to streamline their operations and provide for the needs of their communities. If your current system prevents you from realizing your business goals, we can help you make the transition to an intuitive, user-friendly software platform that benefits you, your drivers, and your riders. Get in touch with us today to schedule a call.

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